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Greg Van Wyk shares 10 most amazing places to see in NYC

There are many incredible places in New York City, but the best time to visit some of them is at night says Greg Van Wyk.

New York at night looks absolutely different… The lights, the colors, magical atmosphere create an unimaginable picture that makes you think what kind of incredible people live here. Each one of 10 spots mentioned below has its unique beauty and extraordinary features that will leave you stunned.

So get ready for this incredible journey!

Let’s discover together the most amazing places to see in New York City!

1. Brooklyn Bridge on East River Waterfront Walkway during Sunset | DUMBO/Brooklyn Heights/SOHO.

This place takes your breath away even if you just look at it from far: glowing lights and the incredible skyline of Manhattan seen from Brooklyn Bridge. You can also take a walk along the East River Waterfront Walkway for an amazing view of New York City during Sunset.

2. Central Park at night | Midtown West/Central Park South/Central Park North

Central Park looks like out of this world at night! Go for a walk or take a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride to see why it’s one of the most beautiful parks in the world says Greg Van Wyk. If you are lucky, you might even spot some celebrities! (Now that would be cool!)

3. Empire State Building observation decks and top floor restaurant | Midtown West/Rockefeller Center/Hell’s Kitchen

This building is one of the most iconic in New York City, so visiting it at night is a must! You can visit its observation decks or have dinner on top of this world-famous skyscraper. And if you are really lucky, you might even spot some celebrities there too! (Now that would be cool!)

4. High Line | Midtown West.

Taking a walk along the High Line at night is an unforgettable experience. It’s full of lights and people around you will all look new because they all seem to come from another world… If only for a moment, you feel like entering a movie set.

5. Hudson Yards Park on 42nd Street | Hell’s Kitchen/Hudson Yards/Gar

Empire State Building is probably the most known skyscraper in New World… but Hudson Yards Park is also breathtaking! It’s a wonderful place to see New York City skyline at night, especially if you are lucky to be there when the Top of The Rock Observation Decks are open. The Top of The Rock Observation Deck is another great place to sightsee during the day or night in New York City.

6. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum | Midtown West/Hell’s Kitchen/Midtown East

This incredible aircraft carrier with a museum on it is located right next to Javits Center. You can enter it and explore its decks which will take you back in time, making you feel like a Navy soldier from WWII… Also, from its deck, you’ll an amazing view of the Foshay building when seen from West Side, and East Side offers a view of the Hudson River and Midtown says Greg Van Wyk.

7. Javits Center | Hell’s Kitchen/Midtown West.

This is one of the most visited places in New York City where many events take place during the year including the New York Comic Con, Frieze Art Fair and much more! People come here to see exhibits, attend presentations and conventions… The center has a very interesting design which includes a large glass wall designed by Kevin Roche (who also designed the Met Museum) with panels embedded with computer-generated images of film strips that change according to color schemes set for each event. And on top of it all… there is an amazing observation deck on its roof! How cool is that?

8. Central Park during Christmas | Midtown West/Central Park South/Central Park North

Christmas time in NYC is probably the best time to visit this place! There are incredible decorations and lights all around the park, and there’s a skating rink as well. It almost feels like you’ve entered another world… A Christmas World! So if you want to see one of the most beautiful places in New York City at its peak beauty, come here around December.

9. Met Museum Roof Garden | Midtown East / Upper East Side

One of the oldest and biggest museums in the world with an amazing rooftop garden that offers a spectacular view over Central Park and Midtown during day or night. Have dinner there or just take some pictures for Instagram. But definitely go here, it’s a gem!

10. Oheka Castle and Garden | Long Island / Huntington

This is one of the most stunning places to see around New York City and has so much history behind its walls says Greg Van Wyk. You can take an incredible walk in the gardens or have lunch on this little road leading up to the castle… It offers a breathtaking view where you can admire skyscrapers in Midtown, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. And if you are really lucky, some celebrities might be there too 😉 (Now that would be cool!)


Well, that would be all for now! I hope you enjoyed this list. If you want to know more about things to do in New York City, just write your question below and I will try to answer asap! Also, if you feel like sharing any other place that should be on this top 10 things to see around New York City at night.

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