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Greg Van Wyk- Amazing travel deals to Europe under $75

The travelers who want to get the best deals from their tour operators might consider going for a summer holiday in Europe says Greg Van Wyk. The location has been experiencing a downfall in its price which is great news for the already bursting coffers of the journey planners. In this article, we will be providing you with an insight into some popular travel destinations in Europe and also discuss some budget-friendly features that can suit your needs precisely.

There are several things to think about while planning a budget vacation and it includes:

1) The purpose of your visit?

This is one question that you should always ask yourself before planning any trip and especially when you’re considering traveling on a tight budget. You would surely like to meet new people or explore historical places or attend a festival. Our point of view is if you’re asking this question, then you are more likely to be interested in the cultural aspect rather than any other thing which might end up being expensive. So let’s see what options are available for this category of people:

The London Pass

This pass offers you free entrance to over 55 museums and monuments and also provides you with a free transportation facility. You will get a 1-day travel card at no extra cost, so it means that now users can also enjoy unlimited bus and underground rides for an entire day. The money saved here could be utilized for shopping as there are discounts available on several stores as well as markets too! You can purchase the card from HERE or HERE.

Wi-Fi is not free and you cannot usually get it for free anywhere in Europe, except at the libraries of some Universities. But this is a different type of deal because instead of providing you with free internet access for a limited time period, they have limited it to unlimited access throughout your stay.

2) The time frame?

If you are planning on taking a break from work or school then there might be many reasons why you would consider going during the summer holidays. It’s hot in Europe in summer but that doesn’t mean that one should avoid traveling during this period says Greg Van Wyk. In fact, if the country you want to visit has a temperate climate then there isn’t much difference between winter and summer weather conditions there. So let’s see how we can manage this feature:

Some of the best summer deals will be provided i.e. $75 or less by the budget-tour operators and they usually come up with such promotional offers during this time so you need to keep your eyes peeled for them!

3) How long is your stay?

Are you going for a short visit or a long one? If you’re asking us, then we would recommend our readers to go on a short trip as they are more likely to experience all that a location has to offer people within a reasonable amount of time. We know that everyone wants to explore new places but if you have limited days available in your hands, then make sure that you use those days wisely rather than wasting them on a location that you might not enjoy as much. Here we will be providing you with some short-duration destination choices:

Lisbon, Spain

This is one of the most charming port cities in Europe and has been serving as an entry point into Portugal for many centuries. The city’s culture comes from its past and present and can truly open your eyes to what life was like back during those days when the exploration of new places was at its peak. The local transport is very efficient and there are also guides available who would provide interesting information about the different landmarks and ruins. Such tour guides usually charge a fixed amount so it’s better if we tell you about this beforehand so you don’t get surprises at the end of your tour.

The top feature of this city is the former royal palace which dates back from the 15th century and since it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, visitors can take pleasure in the free entrance to its major sections explains Greg Van Wyk.

4) How much money do you want to spend?

This question should always come first because depending on that you would either need to be amongst those people who focus more on budget tours or book a vacation package that can be convenient at times but might not provide access to certain sights or attractions. In other words, there are two ways to experience Europe according to our criteria:

You could go for a guided tour if you have less time available and enjoy sightseeing during your stay at each location so keep in mind that you will have to pay for the tour guide, transportation during the trip and any entrance fees that might be applicable. At this point, however, we would highly recommend that you visit a museum in Brussels before doing anything else because the admission fee there is entirely free!


The article brings our readers the answer to the most commonly asked questions. When it comes to visiting Europe says Greg Van Wyk. We have provided you with details concerning how to get internet access in public places. What are the best summer deals that are available online at this time. How long your stay should be, and what type of trip do you want to take into consideration i.e. guided tour or travel package. Finally, we make sure that our readers know about important things like free entrance fees to museums, etc. So they can enjoy their trip without worrying about anything else!

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