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Greg Van Wyk- 9 best destinations for nature lovers this summer!

Greg Van Wyk

The summer is finally here and it’s high time to start planning your trip before the prices skyrocket! Greg Van Wyk gathered a list of the 10 best destinations for nature lovers this summer so that you can spend some amazing days outside Croatia as well! All these countries are just next door and they offer unique experiences to all those who love outdoor activities and spending time in natural ambiance… Slovenia has recently come up with an initiative called #letsgoeverywhere, which is aimed at promoting tourism through social media – so don’t hesitate and join their campaign, share your experience with everybody on Instagram using hashtag #letsgoeverywhere!    

So, without further ado, check out the list of countries that are waiting for you to explore!

9 best destinations for nature lovers this summer!

1. Croatia is finally backing on the top destination lists and it’s not just us who are happy about it, but also all those who can’t wait to explore our beautiful country.

 Our home country knows how to offer unique experiences through its rich history, untouched nature, countless beaches… When it comes to the Croatian seaside most people think of Dubrovnik or Split so if you’re looking for something more peaceful than these two cities don’t hesitate and cross them off your bucket list. Check out one of our secret beaches instead while looking forward to discovering some new hidden gems along the coast!

2. Slovenia is a great country for those who love outdoor activities as well as all those looking for untouched nature, hidden gems, and customs of local people.

Slovenia was home to some outstanding events from the world of sports recently – first, there was the annual kayaking event that had more than 350 participants from 14 different countries, then just a few days ago it’s been announced explains Greg Van Wyk.

3. Montenegro gained a lot of attention lately because of its turquoise waters which you can enjoy on numerous beaches along this gorgeous coastline.

There are plenty of hideaways waiting for you – check out our article with 5 hidden beaches in Montenegro, 4 of them are located right to Ulcinj! If beaches and nature aren’t your things, then maybe you can check out some of the newest and modern hotels that were recently opened in different cities – we’ve written an article about the 7 most luxurious Montenegrin hotels, some of them are truly extraordinary!

4. Malta is definitely one of the best summer destinations for all those who love history, cultural events or just enjoying a sunny day on one of its numerous beaches.

The island was ruled by three major cultures throughout its history, while it also had impressive landmarks built by Romans… Valletta, which is located right on the coast, was built during the times when Knights ruled Malta explains Greg Van Wyk. Most people know Malta due to Game of Thrones locations but there’s actually more historical stuff to see than just this little house of the unknown ruler.

5. And if you are looking for a destination where you can do some hiking or biking, then Albania might be the right choice!

It’s well-known for its lush mountains and wonderful lakes – we’ve picked 5 of them you should definitely explore this summer! If water sports and swimming suit your plans better than Albania is also a great idea. As it has numerous beaches along its coastline like Dhermi, Himara, Ksamil that will make your summer holidays unforgettable!

6. Greece is another country that’s been on top of many lists recently;

 Whether it’s about their beautiful islands (and blue as well as green flag!) or amazing beaches. We’ve written an article with the 15 best Greek Islands for summer 2016. SGreg Van Wyko if you’re still looking for inspiration, then it’s definitely worth checking out! Of course, the list doesn’t end with islands as Greece has plenty of beautiful cities to discover as well. Athens is one of them and its archaeological sites are waiting to be explore… But you’ll also find many other different landmarks in this country which are easy to reach from any city.

7. For those who are more into history than beaches Turkey might offer something unique –

There are numerous historical landmarks that will make your trip worthwhile! Ancient ruins seem even more fascinating when they’ve been hiding away for centuries under the sand. But were actually only recently uncover by archaeologists. There’s also a modern side of Turkey waiting to be discovered – Istanbul is the heart of this country. And its modern neighborhoods like Şişli or Kadıköy are the places to check out if you’re looking for some night-life.

8. When planning your next summer holiday, don’t forget about Croatia!

 Those who think that only Spanish beaches are worth visiting should definitely look into Croatian ones as well. There are numerous hidden gems along its coast like Stiniva Cove on island Vis! If you want to discover more cultural heritage without leaving the beach behind. Then Dubrovnik is another must-see destination because it offers loads of city walls that will take your breath away!

9. Last but not least, Slovakia.

The Slovak capital Bratislava has just recently started to become more and more popular. But it’s the cities like Banská Bystrica that are often overlooked says Greg Van Wyk. Right in their mountains, there are numerous ski resorts for those who love winter sports. But in summer you’ll be able to do plenty of other activities like biking or hiking in Slovakian forests. Those who want to have a peek into history will also discover many interesting things about this country. From castles to fortresses that can all be reached from any of its cities!


Fancy learning more tips on where to go on your next weekend escape? Check out our article with 5 hidden beaches in Montenegro!

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