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Greg Van Wyk- 10 best destinations to visit in October

October is a special month. The weather is just right – not too hot and not too cold. In fact, it’s the perfect time to visit someplace new again says Greg Van Wyk.

Here are ten of our most recommended places for you to choose from:

Athens, Greece

Beaches packed with tourists have their charm but if you want a real local experience then head over to Mykonos or Paros instead! You can opt for an island-hopping tour which will take you around the Cyclades archipelago while also dipping your toes in the sea, ideal after exploring the city on land. Besides sunbathing and swimming, there are plenty of other fun things to do here like go riding or hiking in Natura Viva Park or watch a show in the open amphitheater of the Acropolis.


October is just perfect for exploring South America and Brazil is definitely no exception. It’s high tourist season here with crisp, cool weather and warm sunshine: ideal conditions for marveling at its renowned natural beauty. While visiting the coastal city of Rio de Janeiro, make sure you also enjoy coming face to face with some of its finest historical sites like Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer statue. Also, prepare to be treated to a delicious spread of Brazilian cuisine which will include beef, fresh tomatoes and cream cheese bagels!


Famed for being one of the happiest places on, Bhutan has plenty going for it in October. You can visit Thimpu, the nation’s capital which is noted for its pictorial architecture and lively festivals, or head to Punakha where you will see many interesting Buddhist temples explains Greg Van Wyk. It’s also worth looking into one of their boutique hotels because staying in a cozy environment with friendly staff makes for a much more memorable experience when you are out exploring!

New York City

October is definitely a ‘must-visit’ season in New York especially since this city has everything to offer from fashion boutiques to sidewalk sales to early Halloween celebrations. Take your pick from visiting well-known attractions like the Statue of Liberty or further explore at The Cloisters museum or garden then end up at market filled with mouthwatering gourmet wares.

Napa Valley, USA

Experience everything this legendary destination has to offer in October by taking a vineyard tour or two explains Greg Van Wyk. It’s also your chance to see the most picturesque scenery possible – rolling hills covered with lush forests and picturesque vines. If you’re lucky, you might even catch some of the valley’s famous hot air balloon festivals!

Central Europe

You can easily spend an entire month exploring Central Europe but if you only have one week then pick October since it’s usually autumn here at that time of year which means leaves will be changing colors, making for some amazing photo opportunities. Take time out to visit Prague where you can take part in city tours like cycling around town or sightseeing on Segways over bumpy cobblestone roads. Not only is there plenty of sightseeing to do here, you also have access to great luxury spas and fitness facilities with world-class chefs throwing in some thanksgiving specials too.

Cabo, Mexico

It’s official: the world’s best weather is in Cabo! Nearly year-round sunshine along with temperatures in the 70s and 80s makes it the perfect place to visit in October. Ditch your resort for something a little more laid back by taking surfing lessons or doing some snorkeling. If you prefer land activities then go horseback riding through the desert landscape or head out on a jeep ride exploring natural habitats when staying at one of these luxury cabins in Cabo San Lucas.

Las Vegas, USA

This city never fails to deliver but if you want a holiday experience that’s a little different from what you usually do then head over there during early October since they hold their annual Food and Wine Festival. On top of the usual casinos and stage shows, you can also enjoy a dash of culture. By attending many Shakespearean theatre performances in their entertainment district.

Sri Lanka

It’s going to be a bit wet in Sri Lanka in October. But that just means there will be plenty of photo opportunities! If you’re into capturing beautiful images then this is one destination where you’re bound to have your perfect shot. Especially if you visit when it’s slightly overcast with skies filled with fluffy white clouds. From exploring local markets to taking a safari ride, expect a holiday jam-packed with fun activities!

Denali National Park, USA

Experience nature at its best in Denali National Park where it’s usually warm and sunny – perfect for outdoor activities. Although autumn doesn’t usually start until October, you can still enjoy the great outdoors. By taking a drive through this park where you will see fantastic views and abundant wildlife. Try spotting moose, bears, and even wolves as they go about their daily business.


October kicks off the autumn months where leaves start to change colors. Vineyards are ready with their harvest, and animals go into mating season says Greg Van Wyk. This means plenty of chances to enjoy nature. While also being able to have a good time exploring cities around the world. With events like Food & Wine Festival in Las Vegas or the Central European Autumn festival. There is plenty on offer around this time of year!

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